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We will provide you with Life Coach Services including:  Interview Coach, Spiritual Life Advice, or Personal Advice geared to your situation.


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Tiki-Bird Advice

LIFE COACH: Spiritual Life Advice, Interview Coach, Personal Advice
Tiki-Bird Advice and Life Coach Services specializes in helping our clients to find a focus and spiritual purpose for their lives by providing Life Coaching techniques including a special Interview Coach, Spiritual Life Advice Specialist, or Personal Advice Specialist.  Our Life Coach will provide both personal and spiritual life advice for those with questions regarding life purpose, love and relationship advice, and spiritual life questions. Our Life Coach and advice specialist also offers a professional interview coach to help you with your speakingskills, first impression, dress, and interview skills.  Contact our Life Coach: interview coach, spiritual life and personal advice specialist in Jacksonville, FL for help with interview techniques, and advice on personal and spiritual life issues and to find life purpose.
Through our Life Coach services, get a Personal Interview Coach to help you get your job!  Are you concerned about finding the right job for you, then contact our Interview coach!  Are you worried about your interview techniques or how to dress for success?  Choose an Interview Coach to instruct you on proper interview techniques.  Our Interview Coach is the perfect solution.  For a small fee our interview coach will instruct you in proper interview and speaking techniques as well as how to dress for your interview, adding to your confidence so you can put your best foot forward.  Currently due to layoffs and cutbacks the job field is more competitive than ever and an Interview Coach is essential.  There are hundreds of people out there competing for the same position and having the same interview.  The initial interview is the key to leaving a positive impression with your prospective employer and an interview coach can help.  Our interview coach will instruct you in certain skills and techniques, as well as the proper way to dress for success to insure that you stand out from the competition during and after your interview.  Our Interview Coach will help you leave that lasting positive impression essential to getting you the position you need.  Contact our Life Coach Services to hire our Interview Coach! 
Through our Life Coach services, get a personal Spiritual Life Consultation!  Are you overwhelmed with thoughts of what to do with your life, spiritual needs, and future.  Are you suffering from lack of confidence or direction because of experiences in the past.  A Spiritual Life Coach and Adviser will help!  Are you defeated in your spiritual life and feel like you are just going through the motions with your life but physically and spiritually?  Our Spiritual Life Coach and Advice Specialist can help you to understand yourself, your spiritual needs, and your feelings so you will be able to move forward with your goals. Our Spiritual Life Coach and Advice Specialist has a goal to help you determine and achieve your personal and spiritual hopes and dreams by using a variety of different techniques and methods that will help you set up and reach your spiritual life goals. Our Spiritual Life Coach and Advice Specialist is NOT a psychologist or therapist and our techniques are not aimed at psychological illness but at your spiritual life needs.  Our Spiritual Life Coach Advisor's goal is to coach an individual who is just starting out in life after graduation set specifics goals to help them move toward a successful and happy life in a career that fits his/her personality.
Through our Life Coach services, choose our Personal Advice Consultant aimed to help you make important decisions in your life.  Our Personal Advice Specialist will help answer questions about your current love interest, spiritual interests, to personal relationships with friends and family.  Our Personal Advice Specialist will listen with an unbiased ear and coach you to an honest answer based on the conversation,and not based on prejudice against an individual or situation.  Often when you consult a friend or family they cannot give you this type of support due to their feelings toward you or a situation.  Our Personal Advice is geared to coach you and give you the advice you need.  Through our Life Coach services, our Personal Advice Specialist will gather the information about your situation, listen to your personal feelings and concerns, then coach you with our personal and professional recomendation on what steps you should take.  Our Personal Advice Specialist is NOT a psychologist or therapist and our techniques are no aimed at psychological illness.  Our personal advice is geared toward assisting you with making important personal decisions about love, personal relationships with friends, co-workers, and family, or coach through through personal situations.
Find out more About Us, (Life Coach: Interview Coach, Personal Advice Spiritual Life Advice) then please feel free to review our Life Coach Services page to make your possibilities a reality.

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For Personal Advice, Spiritual Life Adviser, or Interview Coaching send your questions, comments or ideas to advice@tiki-bird.com. For issues that are of particular interest to the the community, we may publish (with your permission) your questions along with our answers on this web site. 


Tiki-Bird Advice is proud to serve the following areas:  Jacksonville, Orange Park, Green Cove Springs, Fleming Island, and Middleburg

Providing Life Coach Services including: an Interview Coach, Personal Advice, and Spiritual Life Advice

Interview Coach, Personal Advice, Spiritual Life Advice
Interview Coach, Personal Advice, Spiritual Life Advice