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Choose an Interview Coach for help getting the job by perfecting your interview skills!!

A Personal Advice Specialist will coach you through important decisions in your life!

A Spiritual life Advice Specialist will coach those with life questions!

Tiki-Bird Advice
Price List

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Tiki-Bird Advice encourages our customers and contacts to send in testimonials of how we have help you with career, interviews, or life advice.  Please submit your testimonials to advice@tiki-bird.com



Interview Coach:  $50 for a one hour consultation

Services:  Our Interview Coach will help you with your interview techniques to insure that you leave a good lasting impression with your prospective employer. 

1. Walk you through possible interview scenarios and assist  you with coming up with the right answers.

2.  Coach you in what to wear for the initial and follow-up interviews.

3.  Coach you in your posture and speech to project a professional demeanor.

Contact our Life coach Services at advice@tiki-bird.com to schedule an appointment with our Interview Coach!

Personal Advice:  $30 for a one hour consultation

Services:  Our Personal Advice is aimed to help you to make important decisions in your life. 

1. We will probe and gather the information about your personal situation,

2.  Listen to your feelings and concerns with an unbiased ear.

3. Provide you with our personal advise to guide you through what steps you should take in   the relationship/situation.

Contact our Life Coach Services at advice@tiki-bird.com to schedule an appointment with our Personal Advice Specialist!

Spiritual Life Advice:  $40 for a one hour consultation

Services:   Discover a purpose for your life!

1.  Read your background, hobbies, beliefs, and intellect

2.  Guide you in choosing the right path for spiritual life enjoyment and career.  

3.  Help you to understand yourself, your spiritual needs, and your feelings so you will be able to move forward with your goals. 

4.  Help you set specifics goals to move toward a successful and happy life in a career that fits their personality.