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LIFE COACH SERVICES INCLUDING: Personal Advice, Interview Coach, Spiritual life Advice!



Choose an Interview Coach for help getting the job by perfecting your interview skills!!

A Personal Advice Specialist will coach you through important decisions in your life!

A Spiritual life Advice Specialist will coach those with life questions!

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Tiki-Bird Advice
About Us

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida Tiki-Bird Advice specializes in helping our clients to find a focus and purpose for their lives.  Our Life coach and advice specialist provides spiritual life consultation, personal advice for those with questions about their life choices and spiritual needs. Our Interview Coach will coach you through interview techniques to help you get the job!  Our Life Coach started her company due to the high demand for her life coaching services.  Her friends and family were constantly coming to her for advice and to utilize her skills in interview techniques to coach them and help them get the jobs they were applying for.  As news spread about her insightful outlook and beneficial advice more and more people began to come to her for help.  She separates her techniques into three Life Coach categories:  Spiritual Life Advice , Interview Coach, and Personal Advice

Spiritual Life Adviser

Through our Life Coach services, get a personal Spiritual Life Consultation!  Sometimes someone just needs help in discovering the purpose for their life.  Without a purpose, there is no drive/ambition.  A persons life has no meaning unless they create one. Are you overwhelmed with thoughts of what to do with your life, spiritual needs, and future. Are you suffering from lack of confidence or direction because of experiences in the past. A Spiritual Coach and Adviser will help!  Our Spiritual Life Coach uses her insightful methods of reading a persons background, hobbies, and intellect and helps them to choose the right path for their personal enjoyment, spiritual needs, and career goals.  Our Spiritual Life Advice Specialist has a goal to help you determine and achieve your personal and spiritual hopes and dreams by using a variety of different techniques and methods that will help you set up and reach your spiritual life goals. 


Choose an Interview Coach to help you get that job!
Choose an Interview Coach!

Interview Coaching
Through our Life Coach services, get a professional Interview Consultant.  Many times a person who is highly qualified for an employment position will blow their chances during an interview.  Get a Personal Interview Coach to help you get your job! The initial interview is the key to leaving a positive impression with your prospective employer and an interview coach can help. Choose an Interview Coach to instruct you on proper interview techniques. Our Interview Coach will provide coaching, advice, and coach you through interview techniques that will help you get an edge over the competition.  Our Interview Coach will give you interview tips on impressing the prospective employer with dress, and coach you on body language.  Our Interview Coach will walk you through a sample interview and then coach your responses and give you advice on what to say and NOT TO SAY.  Contact us at advice@tiki-bird.com to hire our Interview Coach!

Choose a Personal Advice Specialist
Personal Advice Specialist

Personal Advice
Through our Life Coach services, get some personal advice!  Our Personal Advice Specialist has found that sometimes a person just needs to talk to someone. Our Personal Advice Specialist will help answer questions about your current love interest, spiritual interests, to personal relationships with friends and family and coach you through important personal decisions. Our Personal Advice is aimed to help you to make important personal decisions in your life. Many times a person feels there is no one in the world to confide in for unbiased personal advice on personal relationships, love life, or about just to talk about  personal decision making in general. Often when you do consult a friend or family member, they cannot give you personal, unbiased support due to their feelings toward you or a situation. Our Personal Advice Specialist will listen with an unbiased ear and coach you to an honest answer based on the conversation,and not based on prejudice against an individual or situation. Our Personal Adviser is aimed to help and coach you to make important decisions in your life.  We will gather the information about your personal situation, listen to your feelings and concerns, then provide you with our personal advise and coach you on what steps you should take in the relationship.  Remember, our Personal Advice specialist is NOT  a psychologist or therapist and our techniques are no aimed at psychological illness.  We are a listening ear! 


Please send all inquiries about our Life Coach Services including: Personal Advice Specialist, Interview coach, or Spirtual Life Adviser  to advice@tiki-bird.com 

Tiki-Bird Advice is proud to serve the following areas:  Jacksonville, Orange Park, Green Cove Springs, Fleming Island, and Middleburg

Providing Life Coach Servies including an Interview Coach, Personal Advice, and Spiritual Life Advice