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Darlene has been going out with Gary for 2 years.  She is 28 years old and her biological clock is ticking.  Although she loves Gary, she is worried that she is wasting her time with him.  He has never mentioned marriage to her.  When she brings the subject up, he laughs it off and changes the subject.  She wants to know if she should leave the relationship to pursue other avenues.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ask Tiki-Bird
Tiki-bird Advice is located in Jacksonvlle, FL and is dedicated to providing Spiritual Life Advice and Personal Advice.  Although based in Jacksonville, we hope to help anyone who with simple questins through our blog.  Are you having trouble making an important decision in your life?  Do you have questions about your personal relationships, love life, or future?  Feel free to ask the expert.
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Dear Brandy,
You made the right decision.  The first time a man hits you shoudl also be the last.  DO NOT let yourself become a punching bag!  It is a vicious cycle.  When he hit you he showed you he had no respect for you.  Stay strong.

Dear Confused,
This is a pivitol time in your life.  You have alot of decisions to make.  however, you also have the TIME to make them.  just because you don't know what to major in right now doesn;t mean you should drop out.  the first two years of college are mostly prep courses.  they are pretty much the same for everyone.  Focus on making good grades in these courses and start taking some career assesment tests.  Ask yourself what you enjoy the most.  Are you more of a dreamer or logical thinker?  Do you enjoy Math or English.  What type of hobbies and extracurricular activities do you enjoy?  All of these are clues to the best career for you.